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Sumitomo Tour Plus

Our Sumitomo Tour Plus range gives you touring comfort and exceptional mileage, its Five-Rib asymmetric tread creates a quiet and comfortable ride, while the jointless nylon cap ply construction gives you high speed uniformity and stability.

Available Sumitomo Tour Plus Sizes
225/40R18 195/55R15 205/55R16 225/55R16
215/55R17 225/55R17 255/55R18 185/60R15
195/60R15 205/60R16 225/60R16 235/60R17
235/60R18 245/60R18 265/60R18 195/65R15
235/55R18 235/65R16 225/65R17 235/65R17
265/65R17 235/65R18 235/60R16 205/70R15
215/70R15 215/70R16 225/70R16 235/70R16

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