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Inovit Spin
18 inch, 19 inch, 20 inch, 22 inch

Gloss Black Diamond Cut Surface

The INOVIT Prestige Spin, the first ever design of the INOVIT Prestige Range, and the wheel that launched INOVIT into becoming a household name right at the beginning. The main reason behind this success was the ‘Black/Machined Face look’. We set the trend in the UK market that soon followed into Europe and now almost every single brand in the industry has this element at its core! The INOVIT Prestige Spin’s 5 sleek flowing spokes are finished off with the INOVIT Prestige teardrop design and provides optimum strength and massive appearance. Available from 18 inch up to 22 inch sizes in a wide variety of fitments. INOVIT Prestige – Designed to Perfection.

18×8, 19×8.5, 20×9, 20×10.5, 22×9.5

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