Be a Step Ahead With Mag Wheels    GSWT Offers a Large Range of custom Made, Strong and Lightweight Mag Wheels for Everyday Roads

Grahams Street Wheels and Tyres (GSWT) offer a wide range of Mag wheels and tyres to meet all the vehicle needs with the most budget friendly prices. Mag wheels are a perfect alternative wheel for various car and truck models. Made from the strong magnesium/alloy composite metals, these wheels are known for their aesthetic appeal as much as their strength and reliability. They weigh significantly less than the steel-plated counterparts while being extremely durable.

GSWT supplies Mag wheels for 4X4, 4WD, SUV, van owners and a wide variety of car models. Mag wheels at GSWT are available in various designs and offer huge technical advantages over normal iron rimmed tyres. Being hard and light, they help improve the efficiency of your vehicles and provide a smooth ride on bumps and poor road conditions. Mag wheels are hailed for their performance and visual appeal and we bring you exclusive deals on quality Mag wheels for your pride and joy.

Available for all old and new popular makes and models, our Mag wheels are a must if your car is in need of an update or upgrade. GSWT understands that you need the best for your vehicle hence you will only find quality Mag wheels on our site. Available in different widths, profiles and sizes, our collection of Mag wheels comes from the industry’s leading brands. You can browse our product range for some excellent Mag Wheels available in 4×4 sizes for various car models. These wheels can easily fit any car model and will only the profile of your car.

Grahams Street Wheels and Tyres is a leading supplier of Mag wheels in Brisbane and we are committed to providing quality products at reasonable prices so you don’t have to spend a fortune on upgrading your vehicle.


Largest Showroom of mag wheels in Brisbane

If you want premium quality mag wheels in Brisbane, come to Street Wheels and Tyres. We have the largest showroom in Brisbane where our experienced staff can show you through what mags may suit your needs. We keep so many mag wheels in stock so we can cover any type of car, how you use your car and what you want it to look like after your mag wheel makeover.


Why get mag wheels?

Compared to a standard car wheel, mag wheels have many advantages. The alloys in a mag wheel make it stronger and lighter. This in turn provides quicker acceleration and improves braking. It also gives further performance advantages in better fuel efficiency and increasing the life of your tyres. Mag wheels were built to be of such a high standard that they can take high pressure racing to delivering heavy loads. The other advantage of mag wheels is the ability to customise the look of your car and create a stylish finish. Come visit our mag wheels showroom in Brisbane and ask our staff about all the advantages that mag wheels can give your car.


How to choose a mag wheel

We have all types of mags, ranging from sporty passenger alloy wheels to wheels designed to take heavy leads on 4WD’s. We know that our customers are passionate about their vehicles and we fit mags to suit their lifestyle. So you want to consider what you intend to do with your car, so you can choose a mag to suit your lifestyle. The next consideration is what type of car that you have, all mags don’t fit all types of cars. Our experienced staff can talk through all the mag wheels in Brisbane showroom to show you what type of mag wheels may suit your lifestyle and car.


Mag wheel design and finish

Our range of mag wheels in Brisbane boasts many impressive finishes and designs from all over the world. Most people are used to mag wheels having the silver or matte black finishes, but you might be surprised by the range of colours that are available. If you are in the market for gold mag wheels in Brisbane, we can do that for you too. While the designs available range from classic to the eye popping. Design teams from Europe to Japan make their mags their own and you will appreciate the detail that they put into making your mags look good. Mag wheel colour and design will lift the look of your car and create the perfect finish.

  • " Wouldn't go anywhere else for new wheels, I've had both of my cars done here now and have been more then happy every time. Staff are friendly and go above and beyond to find and fit what your looking for. "

    Ebony Muscat
  • " Great customer service 👌They got the job done straight away, very fast, just want to say thank you for getting it done so quick if anyone need fast service come see these guys they can help out. "

    Dang Hai Dang
  • " Thanks guys.Awesome service all round. Wheels suit the car perfectly and beautiful!! "

    David Kim


Besides providing car wheel repair services in Brisbane, we offer additional services. When your rim repairs are complete, we also re-mount your tyres and balance them for optimal performance. Contact us today if you are seeking the best c ar rim repair in Brisbane . Visit our shop to find out exactly what we can do for you and your vehicle’s damaged or dented rims.

Contact Us today if you are seeking the best car rim repair in Brisbane. visit our shop to find out exactly what we can do for you and your vehicle’s damaged or dented rims.

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