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Blacklion BU66 “Champoint”

The Blacklion BU66 provides superior control, excellent grip and handling. The asymmetrical tread design provides excellent grip in both wet and dry conditions, continuous pattern blocks on the shoulder provide rigidity while the four-vertical-groove design provides good drainage, enhancing performance in the wet and safer driving.
Available Blacklion BU66 Sizes

225/45R17 245/45R18 205/55R16 215/55R16
205/45R16 225/40R18 235/40R18 245/40R18
205/60R16 235/60R16 205/50R16 215/45R17
215/55R17 225/50R17 215/40R17 225/55R17
225/60R16 225/55R16 235/45R17 245/40R17

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