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Blacklion BH15 “Landscape”

Excellent handling, superior comfort, high-speed stability and low noise gives you a safer and more enjoyable ride. The Blacklion BH15’s silicon compound formulation reduces rolling resistance, provides superior grip and is also environmentally friendly.

Available Blacklion BH15 Sizes

175/70R13 185/60R15 185/70R14 195/50R15
195/60R15 195/65R15 195/70R14 205/65R15
215/60R16 215/65R15 195/55R15 165/70R13
185/65R14 195/60R14 205/70R14 165/70R14
185/65R15 165/65R13 175/65R14 205/60R15
185/55R15 215/70R15 185/60R14 175/70R14

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